Development Coaching

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

Career transition or management

In our opinion the best professional and personal advice that we can offer is «do what you love and love what you do. » In order to be able to do this it is important to receive proper guidance during any professional career transition or in the management of your career.

The 3P principle – Preferences + Performances + Pleasure.

The important thing is to determine what their working preferences are, knowing that we get pleasure from doing what we enjoy doing, and perform better if we enjoy our work.


Skill assessment

This is an analytical and organizational tool for anyone wishing to develop a personal and professional project. More specifically this tool :

  • helps to plan a professional development strategy
  • can help to redefine a job status or career
  • can help to develop skills within a business
  • can give support on how to approach an internal or external recruitment policy
  • reveals a desire for change, evolution, transition or retraining

This skills assessment will identify one or more work projects and identify their strengths and weaknesses, identify the tools and methods to use in order to bring the project to a successful conclusion and to plan and formalize the main stages required for the implementation of the project.


Rehabilitation and individual development

Changes are forcing companies to constantly reorganize and invest more in their key personnel. The aim is certainly to help them develop their own personal performance, but it is also a means of recognising their work and retaining staff.

This will help the trainee to be more effective and efficient in his personal contribution to the desired business outcomes by applying their own personal strengths with more self-awareness and confidence, which may previously have been poorly expressed.

  • the diagnostic phase and needs assessment reveal the lines of action and enables a choice of the professional practices the employee wishes to follow
  • the actual coaching phase involves the integration and implementation of new courses of action
  • these ways of acting are initiated, tested and worked on in real-time until they become second nature and result in the first successful outcomes for the beneficiary, as well as their business

Horizontal, vertical and geographical labour mobility

It is particularly important to support internal or external occupational mobility. The first 100 days are often decisive when taking up a new position and it is important to provide the means to reach the qualitative and quantitative goals set. In order to achieve this, we provide a specific program for each unique situation

  • promotion (support when taking up a new management position)
  • talent Management (assessment of potential and coaching)
  • expatriation

Team bulding

Team building is a set of activities aimed at improving the function and cohesion of a team.
The essential elements that make up the course aim to

  • remove barriers and settle differences and disagreements between team members
  • develop the relationship and communication between team members
  • clarify and delineate roles and responsibilities

to increase the involvement, efficiency, creativity and productivity of everyone in the team in order to achieve a better level of performance, insomuch as the efficiency of the team is more than just the sum of the individuals and skills that make up the team.

The transition to retirment

At the peak of their professional maturity and in full command of their professional expertise, everyone enters a period of doubt and anxiety when confronted with the next stage in their development, that of retirement. This final step in a career entails the management of several important steps to ensure a satisfactory outcome:

  • the preparation
  • the transition
  • planning new projects and new life options

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