It is not for us to forcast the future, but to shape it.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -


The training and development of employees in a company brings a real competitive advantage in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing, and such training must be addressed in a comprehensive manner. It's one of the essential factors for maintaining competitiveness and must be a policy developed by management, on the basis of objectives to be achieved and with a strategy to achieve them in place. In our capacity as your professional partner, with extensive experience and technical knowledge in this field, we are able to reconcile your employees' expectations with the short, medium and long-term needs of your company.

The company can help to fulfil its social responsibility by training its employees, to improve and sustain the employability of its Human Resources.

The training concepts used by Evoluthys differ in their ability to link theoretical knowledge to the practical, real-world experiences of the participants. This consolidation of knowledge will not only result in the resolution of real-world issues, but will draw upon best practices, while introducing new operational methods.

Modular standardized training

Human Resources Management Courses

  • An Introduction to HRM for executives who wish to become familiar with the way their HR department operates, or heads of SMEs that do not have their own HR department but need to be brought up-to-date with current HR practise, tools and techniques
  • optimize the recruitment process
  • introduce remuneration policies
  • optimize performance and service evaluation
  • train its employees (including learning management)
  • optimize mobility, the career prospects and employability of its employees and their self-promotion
  • team management (basic leadership training)
  • a comprehensive approach to the various HR methodologies and administrative tools

Leadership Courses


These courses have been developed based on the educational objectives of the "Leadership" module, "Leading a team and communication within the team", of the CBSA federal diploma, and prepare candidates for the examinations of the Association suisse pour la formation des cadres (Swiss Association for Management Training).

  • Employee motivation
  • Employee development training
  • Conflict Management: the employer has a legal obligation to put a conflict management process in place (art 6 de la LTr). The Federal Court requires that conflicts are managed outside the business hierarchy, either by the HR department, or entrusted to an external service provider. It is expected that those responsible for this are adequately trained in prevention and response management.

Other subjects

  • Change management
  • Negotiation techniques (the Harvard method
  • Healthcare management (anticipating absenteeism, bullying and harassment)
  • Diversity in the company (Equal Opportunities)

Customized training courses


We can help you put in place training programs:

  • with content specific to your organization, your corporate culture and your charter
  • lthe key skills to be acquired will depend on your strategy, your on-going education policy and your dashboard indicators
  • the target audience
  • the duration of the training
  • the educational methodology that will best suit your needs

We can also intervene selectively to address any specific issues you currently have, making us the competent and flexible partner you need to manage your HR effectively

For more information, or if you have an questions, please contact us!

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