Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
- John F.Kennedy -


Our code of business ethics

In order to preserve their momentum, while maintaining a balance in the face of a constantly changing business environment, companies must constantly adapt. This has a strong impact on the expectations and careers of its employees.
The job we do is essentially centered on the individual. The employee is at the heart of their own career, the company and its organization, in the economic context within which they operate. In order to fulfil our mission we need to facilitate this benevolent confrontation, ethically and with respect, to inject new life and energy into the workplace. It's a question of creating a "buzz", of inspiring everyone to keep moving forward. To do this, we obviously bring to bear a wide range of skills, but above all we need to create a special relationship with the people involved. We need to prove that we are sincere in our motivation, can really make a difference, and actually implement the human dimension of change.

The excellence of our services

Our availability, our willingness to listen and our empathy reflect our passion for a profession resolutely oriented to the needs of others. We select our partners carefully, making sure they share the same values of commitment and responsibility as we do, in carrying out their objectives.


Our commitment to you

  • Respect for the person and their fundamental human rights.
  • Respect the strict confidentiality of any information provided by the company or their employees.
  • Always give the best of ourselves.
  • Abide by the profession's code of ethics.

Notre expertise

  • Essentially, individuals and teams are responsible for managing their own careers, so helping them along the road to change in a professional and friendly way is the best way of improving the company's performance.
  • This is such a deeply rooted conviction that Evoluthys puts the human dimension of change at the very heart of its expertise and know-how.
  • Evoluthys makes use of constantly updated methodologies and tools. This drive for innovation, together with our customized services based on current methodology and tools, is seen by Evoluthys as the key to our success and effectiveness.
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